Life After Tapan Zee

Hello, My name is Jack Monnier, a graduate from Tappan Zee. I lived at 379 Ferdon Avenue by Sparkill Creek, right next to the lower entrance to Tallman Mt. Park, until 1957.

I am writing you this note about a project several of our classmates from Tappan Zee are planning and excited about. Other 'alumni' that are helping so far (you can help too!) with this project are Peggy DeMaio Raso, Betty Ostrom Tygert, Bobbie Edwards, Bobbie Kopf Johns, & Charlie Griswold.

The project we are excited about is to compile a 'history yearbook' for all of the alumni of Tappan Zee that are willing to participate. Basically the 'yearbook' will address 'Life after Tappan Zee' for each of us.

First of all,let me state that for anyone who does not want any or some of their contact information included in the 'yearbook', it will NOT be included, but please at least give us your 'history'.

To send in your bio information, either compose it in an email (easiest), and send it to me, , or compose it in Word and email that file to me as an attach file.

We would like the following information from you:

  1. Name - for the ladies please provide that as 'First Maiden Last'
  2. Home address - if you wish to keep this confidential just say so. It would be nice if you include it to us just in case there is a question about your 'history'. It will not be shared or 'published' ANYWHERE!
  3. Phone number - comment same as #2 & Email address - comment same as #2
  4. Recent Picture - We really do not want a 'today' glamour picture like Abigail Van Buren uses - taken 30 years ago..... You can email me a picture, JPG format preferred, or for those without a scanner or digital picture, please mail me the picture. I will scan and return it within 1-2 days. Your picture will not be damaged, or improperly handled.
  5. History - Include a brief history of your life after TZ. Include marriages, jobs, what you did, where you lived, your children, anything that your classmates might be interested in. Poke around the website and see what your other alumni have done.
  6. Other - Please also include your 'graduation' year.....

Since many of us are scattered across the country, hopefully there will be a lot of interest. Please consider including your history even if you wish to exclude information on how to locate you.

You can also help by forwarding this note along (either email or snail-mail) to any other TZ friends, and encouraging them to participate.

Feel free to call me directly (or email me at if you have anything to add or suggest.

Thanks for your help with this project.....

My contact information:

Jack Monnier
611 Mossy Creek Trail
Murphy, North Carolina 28906

Tel: 843.252.8678