Tappan Zee High School


Sept. 9, 1983 - Nov. 22, 2001 Tina Ann Cameron, 18, was buried this past Tuesday at Rockland Cemetery, following a beautiful ceremony at St. John's Church in Piermont. Tina was killed instantly in a car accident this past Thanksgiving Day. She was loved by all that had ever known her and it was proven Tuesday. Left behind were her beloved parents Lisa Cameron and Bob Cameron, also her brother William, 20, who practically never left her side since she was born. Tina graduated this past year from Tappan Zee High School and was looking to pursue an education in jewelry design. She had a very positive outlook toward everyone and was known to be always smiling. A close friend of hers said it best when he said, "She made you want to be her friend, to be friends with her." she will be missed by everyone most of all, her friends, her family, and especially by her brother William and her best friend Alex. Tina, we love you.