Tappan Zee High School

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- A -

- B -

Picture AvailableBarone, Anthony G.
Picture AvailableBader, Raymond
Passed AwayBirney, Thomas J.

- C -

Picture AvailableCapalupo, C.
Picture AvailableChaize, Louise R.
Picture AvailableChamberlain, Barbara
Picture AvailableChisholm, John
Picture AvailableCoppola, Carmen
Picture AvailableCurran, Dorothea

- D -

Picture AvailableDixon, A. Reginald
Passed AwayPicture AvailableD'Auria, Pasquale T.
Picture AvailableDi Sanza, Salvatore
Passed AwayPicture AvailableDePaolo, John

- E -

- F -

Picture AvailableFitzpatrik, Virginia

- G -

Passed AwayGrand, Lois

- H -

Passed AwayHillis, Richard J.
Passed AwayHince, Joseph F.
Picture AvailableHurban, J.
Hurley, Floyd

- I -

- J -

Picture AvailableJessup, Kathryn E.

- K -

Picture AvailableKelder, Gordon A.
Picture AvailableKreps, Robert

- L -

Passed AwayPicture AvailableBio AvailableLevesque, Therese A.

- M -

Picture AvailableMasucci, Patricia
Picture AvailableMcKernan, Pauline
Picture AvailableMcMahon, John
Picture AvailableMcManus, Gloria C.
Picture AvailableMoran, William

- N -

- O -

- P -

Picture AvailableParelli, I.
Picture AvailablePetrongold, Anthony

- Q -

- R -

Picture AvailableBio AvailableRotelli, Matthew J.
Picture AvailableRist, Arnold

- S -

- T -

Picture AvailableTaylor, May E.
Passed AwayPicture AvailableTebo, Ernest A.

- U -

Picture AvailableUllery, Robert J.

- V -

- W -

- X -

- Y -

- Z -

Picture AvailableZinnel, Waldine