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  St. Agnes - Many of the alumni of Tappan Zee were from St. Agnes, located in Sparkill, NY. Visit the alumni website to view photos and interesting facts about St. Agnes. A listing of St. Agnes Alumni is posted.

 St. Agatha didn't house high school age kids so, when the boys graduated from 8th grade, they either transferred to St. Agnes and became Tappan Zee students, or went home to their parents. The two institutions and Tappan Zee are very much interrelated. Some former Tappan Zee students are alumni of all three organizations.

 Remember when people laughed at us because we lived "near the Hudson" and those of us from Piermont were called River Rats.....well baby, let them laugh all they want...go to and see what is going on. If you click on homes over $400,000 you will see an advertisement for an in-town house in Piermont....it is Tony Koza's house...look at the price...