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Dutchman Doings

If you remember "Dutchman Doings", you are going to really enjoy this addition to the Website. When I receive the copies of these articles, I will be posting them on this page. If you happen to be fortunate enough to have copies of there rare articles, I'd like to borrow them to add to the on-line collection. Any that I receive will be returned. I will laminate (I have a professional quality laminatior) your originals and return them to you if you wish. Let me know by sending an email to Jack Monnier at themonniers@charter.net. Thanks for your help...........

The Dutchman Doings articles are arranged by year and date. For ones that the date is unknown, they are listed as unknown. If someone out there can pin a date on any of the "unknowns", please let me know.

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