Tappan Zee High School

1963 Classmate List

Please note that for the ladies, we are going by the maiden name

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Passed AwayPicture AvailableBarone, Russell
Picture AvailableBassett, Ellen
Picture AvailableBindrum, Jon
Picture AvailableBittorf, Priscilla
Picture AvailableBrawner, Linda
Picture AvailableBurcaw, Matthew
Picture AvailableBurlander, Robert
Burns, Stuart
Picture AvailableCabrera, Dennis
Campbell, George
Picture AvailableCassetta, Adella
Picture AvailableChadwick, Marilyn
Picture AvailableChamberlain, Gail
Picture AvailableChanberlain, Sharon
Picture AvailableCoates, George
Picture AvailableCohen, Lorraine
Coriano, Victor
Picture AvailableCrowley, Mary Ann
Picture AvailableCuccio, Annette
Picture AvailableDawson, Lancine
Picture AvailableDeJoia, Angelo
Picture AvailableDell, David
Picture AvailableDeLoatch, Antoinette
Picture AvailableDeLoatch, Joann
Picture AvailableDoyle, James
Picture AvailableDutton, Kendall
Picture AvailableEasterly, Charles
Picture AvailableFrancis, Cherylene
Picture AvailableFrancisco, Jacqueline
~1989Picture AvailableGarrabrant, Barbara
Picture AvailableGedeiko, Deenya
Picture AvailableGlover, Daniel
Picture AvailableGrznar, Patricia
Picture AvailableGuglielmello, Katherine
Date UnknownPicture AvailableGustafson, Eileen
Picture AvailableHabel, Pamela
Picture AvailableHagan, Albert
Picture AvailableHaring, Robin
Picture AvailableHayes, Robert
Picture AvailableHayes, Roy
Picture AvailableHnat, Josephine
Picture AvailableHolmes, Thomas
Picture AvailableHoran, Jude
Jahoda, Donald
Picture AvailableJanssens, Virginia
Picture AvailableJonson, Henrik
Picture AvailableKachmor, Donald
Picture AvailableKennedy, Joseph
~2005Kondracki, Hugh
Picture AvailableKrebs, Nancy
Picture AvailableLartique, Isabelle
Picture AvailableLeichter, Jacqueline
Leonetti, Paul
Picture AvailableLerner, Barbara
Bio AvailableLund, Nicholas
Picture AvailableManiaci, Philip
~2003Picture AvailableMann, Robert
Picture AvailableMcCaffrey, Joseph
May 28, 2005Picture AvailableMcGuire, Patricia
Picture AvailableBio AvailableMemmolo, Roxanne
Meore, Pauline
Picture AvailableNelke, Katherine
Picture AvailableNjiiri, Edward
Picture AvailableNorman, Stephen
December 21, 2004Picture AvailableOstrom, Marjorie
Picture AvailablePeterson, David
Picture AvailablePeterson, Norman
Picture AvailablePiucci, Richard
Picture AvailableReavis, Diane
Picture AvailableRios, Bertha
Picture AvailableRoper, John
Picture AvailableRotelli, Ranieri
Picture AvailableRyder, Eileen
Schuster, Gail
Scolaro, Robert
Picture AvailableShoulet, Charlotte
Simpson, Patricia
Sirko, Stephanie
Sorriento, Donna
Spearman, James
Spielman, Lynn
~1970Stafford, Bonnie
Sullivan, Michael
Swann, Annette
Tarasenko, Michael
Tebo, Barbara
Trubiroha, Joan
Uhlhorn, Beverly
Vezzetti, Charles
Walker, Stuart
Walsh, Gerald
Walter, Amy
Warren, Christine