Tappan Zee High School

1958 Classmate List

Please note that for the ladies, we are going by the maiden name

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Passed AwayBarone, Louise
Picture AvailableBio AvailableBeach, Edward
Boyle, Alice
Brechbiel, Suzanne
Bullock, Charles
Picture AvailableBio AvailableCampbell, Rosanne
Picture AvailableCampoli, Alyce
Carden, Jesse
Picture AvailableCoates, Edward
Coriano, Carlos
Coriano, Don Juan
Costello, Jeanette
Picture AvailableBio AvailableCurran, Carol
Delliacono, Madeline
Picture AvailableBio AvailableDePaola, Doris
Diehl, Shirley
DiMeglio, Angelo
Fears, Mary
Ferrson, Cliff
Francis, Charles
Gerhardt, Louise
Passed AwayPicture AvailableBio AvailableGriswold, Judy
Picture AvailableBio AvailableHelmke, Madalan
Helmke, Richard
Herbert, Thomas
Herguth, Barbara
Picture AvailableHnat, Mary Ann
Passed AwayHofsommer, Christian
Horan, Ellen
Hurban, Gary
Johnson, Richard
Knudsen, Theodore
Lawson, Lutrell
Passed AwayLindgren, Paula
McGuinness, Thomas
Picture AvailablePetrak, Ann
Sarvis, William
Scolaro, Frank
Smith, Floyd
Smith, William
Picture AvailableBio AvailableTarbox, Richard
Tuck, Carol
Van Blarcom, Demerest
Van Cura, Catherine
Wallace, Maury