Tappan Zee High School

1957 Classmate List

Please note that for the ladies, we are going by the maiden name

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Bauscher, Elizabeth Ann
Bosco, Lucy
Bullock, William
Bio AvailableCanada, Leroy
Picture AvailableCardillo, Salvator
Picture AvailableCiganek, Mark
Picture AvailableBio AvailableCooke, Juanita
Crable, Robert
Danner, Helen
Picture AvailableDeLoach, Rose Marie
Picture AvailableDiaz, Frank
Dickow, Renee
Duggan, Paul
Picture AvailableFrancis, James
Picture AvailableFreda, William
Gerlach, Karl
Grams, Joseph
Guglielmello, Geraldine
Picture AvailableHernandez, Joseph
Passed AwayPicture AvailableBio AvailableHorner, Joseph
Picture AvailableItaliano, Louis
Passed AwayPicture AvailableKirsch, Gunter
Picture Available
Bio AvailableKoether, Barbara
Picture AvailableBio AvailableKopac, Florence
Picture AvailableKoza, Anthony
Lieval, Richard
Loughlin, Richard
Lynch, Sharon
McGillicuddy, Anne
Picture AvailableBio AvailableMeore, Charles
Moore, Hilda
Picture AvailableMuller, Katherine
Mumford, John
Oakley, Lois
Picture AvailableBio AvailableO'Hara, George
Podeszwa, Donna
Picture AvailableReavis, Barbara
Picture Available
Bio AvailableRechtorovic, Francis
Picture AvailableRios, Aida
Rypl, William
Picture AvailableSchickle, Ellen
Picture AvailableBio AvailableSisco, Judy
Picture AvailableStewart, Sally
Picture AvailableBio AvailableTietz, Fred
Van Blarcom, Allan