Tappan Zee High School

1956 Classmate List

Please note that for the ladies, we are going by the maiden name

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Picture AvailableBizzarri, Julie
Picture AvailableBrechbiel, Jeanne
Picture AvailableBullock, Marva
Passed AwayPicture AvailableCiganek, Thomas
Picture AvailableClarke, William
Picture AvailableCodello, Constance
Picture AvailableCozart, Valerie
Picture AvailableBio AvailableCulletto, Ronald
Picture AvailableDavolio, Rosemary
Picture AvailableDe Gioia, Anthony
April 9, 2009
Picture AvailableDeSevo, John
Picture AvailableBio AvailableEdwards, Bobbie
Picture AvailableFagan, William
Picture AvailableFlobeck, Brainard
Picture AvailableFlotard, Ronald
Picture AvailableGlover, Mary
Picture AvailableBio AvailableGoode, Erich
Picture AvailableGuglielmello, Marie
Picture AvailableHickey, John
Picture AvailableHnat, Stephen
Picture AvailableHolmes, William
Picture AvailableHoran, Daniel
Picture AvailableHurban, Andrea
Picture AvailableBio AvailableHurban, Thomas
Picture AvailableKeller, Patricia
Picture AvailableKirsch, Herbert
Picture AvailableKopac, Frank
Passed AwayPicture AvailableKopac, William
Passed AwayPicture AvailableBio AvailableKopf, Carol
Picture AvailableLadik, Carol
Picture AvailableMcCormick, Joseph
Picture AvailableMcGillicuddy, Carol
Picture AvailableMcKernan, Gail
Bio AvailableMckinnon, Linda
McManus, Robert
Passed AwayPicture AvailableMelia, Martin
Picture AvailableMeore, Francis
Passed AwayPicture AvailableMezzasalma, Rose
Picture AvailableBio AvailableMonnier, Jack
Picture AvailableMoore, Patricia
Picture Available
Bio AvailableMunson, Jeffrey
Picture AvailableNorris, Thomas
May 24, 2008Picture AvailableBio AvailableOstrom, Betty
Picture AvailableOutwater, John
Picture AvailablePforte, Robert
Pulliza, Robert

Picture AvailableQuinlan, Thomas
Picture AvailableRechtorovic, Mary Ann
Rossi, Maria
Picture AvailableSmith, Robert
Passed AwayPicture AvailableStebbins, Peter J.
Picture AvailableStewart, Arlene
Picture AvailableSullivan, Mary Agnes
Picture AvailableTumulty, Terrance
Picture AvailableValerio, Regina
Picture AvailableWallace, William
Picture AvailableWaters, Mary
Picture AvailableWiska, Joseph -1956
Picture AvailableZumbrunn, Werner