Tappan Zee High School

1955 Classmate List

Please note that for the ladies, we are going by the maiden name

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Bio Available = Bio available
Picture(s) Available = Picture(s) available
Passed Away = Passed Away (If an obituary is available, clicking on the persons Passed Away Icon will display the obituary)

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Passed AwayPicture AvailableBosco, Rose
Passed AwayPicture AvailableBrady, Patricia
Passed AwayPicture AvailableBrugger, Hans
Picture AvailableBullock, Bessie
Picture AvailableCalderon, Lorenzo
Picture AvailableClark, Richard
Picture AvailableCoates, Particia
Picture AvailableCosentino, Arthur
Picture AvailableCosentino, Jean
Passed AwayPicture AvailableCunningham, Doris
Picture AvailableCyriacks, Ursula
Picture AvailableBio AvailableD'Auria, Joseph
Picture AvailableDellunto, Nancy
Picture AvailableDeLoatch, Carlton
Picture AvailableDiaz, George
Picture AvailableDiehl, Janice
Picture AvailableDinnocenzo, Joseph
Picture AvailableDougherty, William
Picture AvailableBio AvailableEwart, Judy
Feliciano, David
Picture AvailableFigueroa, James
Picture AvailableFranqui, Robert
Picture AvailableGalgano, Ann
Picture AvailableGonzalo, Thomas
Passed AwayPicture AvailableGradnauer, Ruth
Picture AvailableBio AvailableGriswold, Ralph
Picture Available
Bio AvailableGrutzner, Carla
Picture AvailableHennessey, Robert
Picture AvailableHerguth, Dale
Picture AvailableHogan, Thomas
Picture AvailableItaliano, Joseph
Picture AvailableIurica, John
Passed AwayPicture AvailableKelepis, Nicholas
Picture AvailableKlinko, Frank
Picture AvailableKoza, Anna Marie
Picture AvailableBio AvailableLeitner, Mary Ann
Picture AvailableLynch, Joyce
Picture AvailableMaier, Fred
Picture AvailableMargotta, Thomas
Picture AvailableBio AvailableMarino, Joseph
Picture AvailableMarr, Joyce
Picture AvailableMartin, Eugene
Picture AvailableMcGillicuddy, Harry
Picture AvailableMcGillicuddy, Henry
Picture AvailableMiggins, Jean
Picture AvailableMiralda, Mario
Picture AvailablePippi, Joan
Picture Available
Bio AvailableRosenstine, Frank
Picture AvailableSoman, William
Picture Available
Bio AvailableSorriento, Kathryn
Picture AvailableBio AvailableStanaitis, Robert
Passed AwayPicture AvailableSullivan, Hugh
Picture AvailableBio AvailableTrubiroha, Patricia
Passed AwayPicture AvailableValentine, Patricia
Picture AvailableValerio, Paul
Picture AvailableVan Cura, Frank
Picture AvailableWolf, Barbara
Picture AvailableWright, Thomas