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Ellen Redmond Gooden
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My name is Ellen Redmond Gooden from the class of '72.  I notice there aren't many of us on your page, so I am hoping this might generate some of my classmates to participate.

I lived on East Road in Blauvelt in the day, but now reside at 2600 Oak Grove,McGaheysville, VA  22840 with my husband Carl and my father Charlie Redmond who has lived with us since June 1990. 

In terms of history since TZ it is.  I attended Madison College in Harrisonburg, VA (how I ended up as a Virginian) and graduated in '76 with a BS in Special Education/Speech Pathology.  I married the guy I dated through college, which turned out not to be the best thing, but I believe all things happen for a purpose.  We were married for 4 years, and when things fell apart I moved back to Harrisonburg and started my master's in Early Childhood Education.  I got a job teaching Early Childhood Special Education and fell in love with teaching, and with a wonderful local man who is now my husband.  We were married in July of 1981. 

We had a son named Tony who died from injuries from a car accident at the age of 16.  We were also blessed with a daughter named Meg who is now 24!  My mother died from cancer in 1983 and my dad was lost for a while.  He moved to Virginia in 1990 and has lived with us ever since.  I taught for 28 years and retired 2 years early in 2006 to take a full time Youth Pastor position at my church and that is what I am doing with my life right now.  My sister Annie Redmond Schupner class of '77 lives down here in Virginia as well and has a wonderful family including her husband Ron and their 3 sons.  My sister Janet Redmond Ursone class of '71 lives in Stamford, Connecticut with her husband Lou, and my sister Suzie Redmond Byrne lives in Lindenhurst, NY with her husband Brian and 2 daughters.  Life is good and we are blessed!

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Snail-Mail: 2600 Oak Grove, McGaheysville, VA  22840