Life After Tappan Zee

Ann Redmond Schupner
1977 Graduation Picture
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After graduation tried a stint at St Thomas Aquinas College for a semester.  Unfortunately it wasn’t for me.  I decided to move to Richmond Virginia after a few stints in a bagel shop, insurance company and the like.

I worked for a few years at a school equipment company in the accounting department and returned to NY to help my mom who had gotten sick.  That was were I met my first husband Bart Meola from the band Hit n Run.  After a very bumpy ride of a marriage we divorced after a few years.  

At that point I was working at LeCroy Corporation in Spring Valley and met my current husband Ron Schupner.  The youngest of the piermont Schupners.  By the way Bob Edwards and Joyce Hardy also listed on your pages are my inlaws (Bob and Ron represent the oldest and youngest of the clan.  We moved in 97 to the Shenandoah Valley with our three boys for work related reasons and now couldn’t think of any where else in the world to live.  The blue ridge mountains is our backyard out here in Gods country.  

For the next ten years I was a teaching assistant, and state test coordinator for our local highschool and just recently left there when we opened a hardware store in our lovely little town.  Life is hectic – but wonderful!

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