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Elizabeth Ostrom Tygert - "Betty"
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After graduation I worked at Lederle Labs in Pearl River until I married my husband (who was in the Navy at the time) and I moved to Newport, Rhode Island. Went to work there in the Superintendent of Schools Office and also worked for a psychiatrist, social worker and psychologist connected with the school and navy people in the city. After that, we came back to Blauvelt, NY and opened our own business "Tygert's 303", a roadside stand on Route 303.

We had 2 children, a son and daughter and now have 5 grandchildren. We closed the business after moving to Stony Point, NY and I didn't work until we moved to Cornwall, NY and my children started high school.

Then I went back to work part-time in an auto parts store doing bookkeeping, then went full time at a local hardware store in Cornwall, bookkeeping. Left there to work at West Point Military Academy (bookkeeping) at the Association of Graduates. There we kept records of all the classes that ever graduated from West Point and the monies they donated to the Academy. Did all the investment bookkeeping.

Then my husband was transferred to Manchester, New Hampshire where we lived for 12 years. I worked in the school department there - first with the Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program and then Secretary in the Guidance Dept. for 6 guidance counselors, mainly keeping records and sending applications and transcripts to colleges for the senior classes.

Retired from there and have been living in East Tennessee for the last 6 years. Love the 4 seasons here, short winters and long growing season - love to garden (flowers) and do some knitting and crocheting with a group of women from our church and we donate all our things to the local hospitals, nursing homes, veterans hospitals etc. I truly enjoy being retired!

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