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Henri Monnier - 'Jack'
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My wife, Anne, and I currently live in the moutains of NC, near Murphy. We are located in the most southwestern corner of NC; our back property line is the Tennessee border. Any real shopping is 20+ miles away either in Blue Ridge, GA or Murphy, NC. Chattanooga TN is about 60 miles away (buy road)....

After TZ, 1957, I went in the Navy for 4 years (was a very good thing for me!), and was discharged in 1961. I went to work for Burroughs Corporation in Radnor, PA, for a 2 years. After leaving Burroughs, I went to work for ITT in Paramus, NJ. Both of those jobs were very closely integrated with computer systems and the military, so I had the opportunity to travel around a lot (after a while it became too much!). After 2 years there, 1965, I left and went to work for General Electric Co. in Phoenix, AZ. I had various jobs at GE, in several locations in the US, finally ending up in the Washington, DC area for the last several years of my career.

After 32 years with GE, I had the opportunity to retire in 1998, it took no time to make that decision! After a couple of months of retirement I decided to again enter the workforce doing some 'fun' stuff. I went to work for MCI in Chantilly, VA part time for about a year designing web based software systems. Anne was the Director of a pre-school in Gaithersburg, MD.

We had been living on our boat 'Sea Flat' for several years, near Washington, DC, and used to cruise all over the Chesapeake in the summer and on weekends. We also made a couple of trips south on the ICW visiting friends along the way. Once I 'convinced' Anne to retire, we left Washington on the boat, took three months going south to West Palm Beach, FL. After staying in West Palm for a short time, we left and crossed over the ocean to the Bahamas. We stayed in the Bahamas for about a year, enjoying the islands and the people.

When we came back, we sold the boat, as the market was very good. It was sad to see 'her' go, but we enjoyed living with 'her' for 12 years, and it was time to do something new. We had purchased a house in Port Royal, SC while living in Washington, and had been renting it. After selling the boat we moved into the house, and started living in Port Royal, and became 'dirt people' again. We went from Port Royal to a 'plantation' community in Beaufort, SC. A few years later, we relocated here in the mountains. Now to keep busy I do specialty woodworking and carving for private individuals and to sell at various craft fairs. I also 'picked up my old hobby - photography. You can see some of my 'stuff' by clicking here.

We would love to hear from any of the TZ'rs, email, write or call........

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Snail-Mail: 611 Mossy Creek Trail, Murphy, NC 28906

Phone: 843.252.8678