Life After Tappan Zee

Carol Kopf
1955 Graduation Picture
Obituary Available

Carol started working for IBM in White Plains, NY in 1957. She started out as a secretary and ended up as Secretary to the Chairman of the Board. She had a very exciting career traveling all over the world with the Chairman.

Carol took early retirement 18 years ago and moved to New Port Richey, Florida with her parents. Carol's favorite hobbies were ceramics (she made porcelain dolls from scratch, including their clothes) and knitting. She became a caregiver to our Mom when Mom had terminal cancer.

Carol went to Las Vegas every year with a group of friends. In June of 2001 she went and while there was taken to the Emergency Room with swelling in her ankles. They did a catherization which indicated there was not a problem. A nurse removed the needle incorrectly and sent the blood directly to her kidneys and brain. She died a few days later.

Carol passed away on June 8, 2001.