Life After Tappan Zee

Judy Griswold Berstler - "Vera"
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Judy passed away on August 5th, 2007


I was born in Nyack, NY in 1939. My family moved to 506 Piermont Ave, Piermont NY in 1946, where I lived until I married in 1960.

I would have graduated Tappan Zee High in 1958, but during the summer break, after 11th grade, I worked at Robert Gair Co. Carton Div. I made enough money to buy a car, 1950 Olds "88", and decided not to finish school. I was hired by the phone company, and worked in Sparkhill and Nyack, as a switchboard operator.

In 1959, I met my future husband, Dan Berstler. He was in the Army, stationed at the Nike Site on Tweed Blvd., Mt Nebo. We married in 1960 and moved to Philadelphia. Pa., his hometown. We are living there today.

I've been a homemaker, mostly, raising 4 sons, 2 grandchildren, and 2 step grandaughters. They are all wonderful and happy in life.

I went to night school for several years and learned flower arrangements and displays. Afterwards, I had my own business making flower arrangements and worked for several florists. Then I worked in crafts, plastic canvas, dolls, etc. and worked the floral displays in, when I could. I no longer do it as a business, just as a hobby.

Right now, I spend most of my free time on the computer, just surfing around.

We visited Piermont, recently, and was amazed at all the changes to my old hometown. Ah well, life goes on and things change.

Email me, I would love to chat with my old schoolmates or any 'Piermonters'