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I graduated from TZ in '56. I went to Oberlin College, graduated with a major in sociology in '60, and went to Columbia for graduate work, also in sociology, that fall.

I was married to Roberta Buckingham in '61, and we were divorced in '64. No children.

I received a PhD in '66. I was a full-time student at Columbia for 5 years, then I taught for a year at New York University as an instructor, while I was completing my degree, then I taught there another year as an assistant professor after I completed the PhD. I conducted a study on marijuana use in '67, which became a book, "The Marijuana Smokers," published in 1970. In the fall of '67, I began teaching at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, as an assistant professor.

I was married in '68 to Alice Neufeld; we were divorced in '77, and we had no kids.

I taught at Stony Brook more or less continuously for 33 years, taking the occasional semester off for a sabbatical or to teach somewhere else. I became an associate professor with tenure in '70 and a full professor in '81. I taught at UNC-Chapel Hill in '77 and at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in '93.

In '84, I was married to Barbara Weinstein, who was and still is a history professor; she studies the history of Brazil, where we lived during the academic year '85-'86. We had two kids, Sarah (born '86) and Danny (born '88). In 2000, we moved to Maryland, where I was a visiting professor for 3 years; I retired in 2003. My wife still teaches at Maryland.

I've written & published 10 books and dozens of articles, mostly on deviance, drug use, crime, paranormal beliefs, and other good stuff such as that. I'm currently enrolled in a writing course at Johns Hopkins & am still writing.

If anyone from the class of '56 wants to contact me, feel free to do so.

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Snail-Mail: 12 Schindler Court, Silver Spring, MD 20903

Phone: 301-434-6372