Life After Tappan Zee

Pedro D Feliciano
1951 Picture
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Born in New York City, NY on July 9, 1935, to Pastor Feliciano and Juana (AKA Petrona Ochoa Lopez) Feliciano. My father was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1891. My mother was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1908 and immigrated to America in 1925.

I Arrived at St. Agnes School in the summer of 1942 with brothers Pastor, Carlos, and Caesar. I was the youngest at 7 years of Age. I remained at St Agnes from 1942 to 1951, leaving after my freshman year at Tappan Zee High. I would have graduated from TZHS in 1954.

I continued High School at Morris High, Bronx, NY. I then migrated to the "city of the angles", Los Angeles, CA.. At age 23, I entered the Army, volunteering for airborne duty and eventually joined the 5th Special Forces Group (The Green Berrets), and later the 82nd Airborne Division. I left the Army with the rank of Captain in 1973.

I have 2 children, (Laura and Daniel), 3 step children, (Heather Tristan and Millisa), 4 grandchildren, (David, Kyle, Felicia and Garrett), and one great grandchild, (Jadelynn).

I retired on Social Security in 1997 and have done little of anything since.


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