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Janet Ewart McClennan
1953 Graduation Picture
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Well, here we go! After graduation from TZ, I became an employee of the then Rockland Light and Power Company - now known as Orange & Rockland Utilities. Started as the mail girl and that was a very busy job - was always in touch with so many employees who became long time friends - was even allowed to chat with the folks up on the top floor. Those were truly the good ol' days - you worked hard and there was always time for some fun too. I was a keypuncher operator when I left. Still keep in touch with some of those employees as O&R has retiree gatherings twice a year.

Met George Merwin who was also an employee of O&R. We married in 1956 and from that marriage came Tim, now 45 and Kristin, 36. Tim is tall like his dad and has some of his features. He has a lot of my father in him too. Kristin arrived eight years later and she is me in many ways. After not growing up together real well the marriage ended and I went back to O&R.

Then something nice happened in my life. Got to know a fella named Scott and in June of 1978 we married, our kids giving us away. When I married Scott I gained another son, Scott, Jr. 42, and of course Mac gained another son and a daughter. When my best friend and buddy became my husband was the best thing that could have happened to us. And along the way we gained two more children when Scott married Mary and Kristin married Ronnie. Tim continues to be a bachelor and is Uncle Tim to Scotty 3, who is 12, Joe, 11 and Kristin and Ronnie's daughter Rachel who is 8. And of course, we are Grampy and Grammy. Love it!!!!!!!!

After twenty two years as secretary to the Regional Manager in our Central Division, Blooming Grove office and another five years prior I retired. Scott who I call Mac retired three years ago after twenty seven years as Water/Sewer Superintendent to the Town of Woodbury where we make our New York home. Shortly after Mac retired we became another one of those "snowbirds". Never thought we would be spending time in Florida but Kristin and Ronnie started that when they moved down there fifteen years ago. Tim followed some nine years ago. And of course we would make a trip down once in awhile to visit. Now we own a home in Palm Harbor, Florida (west coast), about fifteen minutes to the gulf and three minutes to Tarpon Lake. We love to fish and watch the incredible sunsets and find some neat restaurants to tryout now and then. And there are plenty. I spend my free time scrapbooking - have some thirty something albums that have been created over the past twenty something years - also taking the pictures that go into those albums - Kristin and I both have this hobby - I guess we are the family historians. And collecting teddy bears - all sizes and shapes and from wherever we happened to be. Including Winnie the Pooh and Fluffernutter. Drawing pictures is still with me - not as much as I should but when I do it is still an enjoyment. My father gave me that gift and I guess I passed it on to our son Tim. A hobby of his too.

While working everyday I was also very involved in the community. President of the P.T.A. came first, then Secretary and team captain for the Woodbury Volunteer Ambulance Corp, President of the Highland Mills Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary (my husband is with HMFC some fourty six years and still active) and finally a busy lady with the Republican Club. And as the old saying goes "How did I do all of that and still work everyday - plus have the fun of sharing the raising of our three kids. And this was all a part of the very good years I have been fortunate to have. A very precious gift. Good health with a little bump or two along the way. We are well, our kids are great and the fun of watching our grandchildren grow is the best. Our wish is that our grandchildren do as well in their grown up world as our kids did. Tim is busy in the world of furniture restoration, owns a really nice home and two BMW motorcycles that he has restored. Scott, jr had his dream come true when fourteen years ago he became a New York City fireman in the Bronx. And also a volunteer fireman just like his dad. Kristin went to college and became an occupational therapist (COTA) and after many years in the geriatric field is now with the Pinellas County School District and loving it. And both Scott and Mary and Kristin and Ronnie are also happy homeowners. So as you can see giving our kids the equal time we want so much for them to have keeps us nice and busy.

My wish is that my classmates of 1953 are also having the good life too.

Hope to see some of you next year...

Most of the time you will find us either in New York or Florida but in between we love to be "on the road again". Been as far north as Bangor, Maine and as far south as Key West, Florida - want to get to Colorado and California to see old friends and even a steamboat ride on the Mississippi River. We can be reached at the following address and are also in the book in Florida.

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