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Jane Ewart Holman
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Hey,,, such fun,, my recent foto son took, digital,,,, message to you guys that I grew up with,,, married Wendell 12/54, graduate of U of Maine, Engineer,, 56,,,57 to 77, US Army ordnance officer,, good years,,

a son, "chip" born in Bangor, Maine 1/56, today successful in career and marriage, he and Lisa,,one fine lady, at NSA...

a daughter,"Deb" born in Heidelberg,Germany..1/59 today, also successful in career and marriage,,,master gardener, quilter, equestrian, Barry, another engineer,, the best son/law. The equestrian side of Deb ,, Paints,, mare with foal, and two fine colts,, are my grandchildren,, plus a wonderful lab and five felines with individual needs,,,Chip and Lisa in Maryland,, Deb and Barry, here in Mn,,why I be here,,,,,,Wendell and I divorced in '87 we are friends today......Challenged fears of failure,, took me six years to complete a two program in nursing and did it,,, today a ret'd RN a wonderful fullfilling 15 years,,in psychiatry...

Patrick Sears, another engineer, became my best friend/love, instrumental in encouraging me,a wonderful 20 some years together,, sailed,, traveled,, ...struggled with him in his battle with cancer,, on 3/11/03 the battle was lost,,,he be in a better place,,and again, beside me, so,, another chapter in my life,, the bestest is to look at my daughter and see me,,,,busy cheking out the hx: of MN.. Grumpy ole men film made here,, ice fishing,, a beautiful lake just within walking ,, the land of 10,000 lakes ..keep in touch,, jane

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