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Robert Edwards - aka Bob
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I left Piermont and Tappan Zee around 1950, and moved to Nanuet. I lived with my grandparents and attended Nanuet PS and after graduation from the 8th grade attended Nyack HS until I entered the Army in 1955. After my discharge in 1960 I went out to California where my ex-wife lived and worked at a cotton gin as a bookkeeper.

I moved back to Piermont in 1961, and went to work for Ralph Wilson Plastics in West Nyack, where I was a supervisor. I left there in 1967 and joined the Piermont Police Department. I left the Piermont PD in 1976 and transferred to the Nyack PD until I retired in 1981 due to an on the job injury. I moved to Schoharie County in 1982. I was involved in real estate after I came up here and worked as an assistant to the president of a firm that made soleriums. I didn't like it much as it was too much traveling. We just enjoy gardening and working around the house. I do manage to get a few rounds of golf in once in a while.

I had two children by my first marriage. My son Chuck is 45 years old and a building contractor in Orange County. He has two daughters and a son, and his daughter has made him a grandfather in May, and of course a great grandfather out of this old fart.

My daughter Stacey is 36 years old and has one son and one daughter. She lives in Pinebush just outside of Middletown.

I married Joyce Hardy in 1974, she had two brothers Wes and Ronnie. If you remember the Schupners who lived on Piermont Place. Some people will remember me as Bobby Schupner although I never really used the name. I had 6 step brothers and one step sister.

Joyce has one daughter from her previous marriage. Robin is 45 years old and lives 2 miles down the road from us. She has a son and a daughter. My grandchildren range in age 7-8-14-17-20-20-24. Where did time go?

I'll have to see if I can find find some mug shots and if I can remember how to send them, you will get them.

I don't know if I qualify as a TZ alumni but I consider myself as Piermonter at heart. Having served that community in the PD as an officer and FD as an Assistant Chief under Charley Griswold in the early 70's, and I live just 17 miles from George O'Hara.

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