Life After Tappan Zee

Lynne Dawson Jones
1965 Graduation Picture
Recent Picture

After graduation I worked at AT&T in White Plains. I got married to Kenn Jones in 1967. We left the area and moved to Iowa where Kenn played football. Then on to Utah and then South Dakota until 1973. We then moved to Oklahoma and stayed there until 1974. Then headed to Texas and back up to South Dakota where Kenn got stationed in the Air Force. Once out of the Air Force we headed back to Oklahoma and remained there until 2005 when we both retired. Me from being a Postmaster and Kenn from American Airlines. We headed south for the warmth.
We managed to produce 3 beautiful daughters and as of January 8, Five wonderful grandchildren who all reside in Oklahoma. One daughter lives in DC no children.
These days we are just happily sailing along and soaking up all the sun here in FL.

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Snail-Mail: 177 Cupola Loop, Kissimmee, FL 34759

Phone: 863-439-6988