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Carole Curran Schmitt
   Carole with 2 of her grandchildren
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After graduating from Tappan Zee, I attended college and received my Masters Degree in Education. For 6 years I taught elementary classes in the Clarkstown School District. I had married while in college and had my first child, my daughter Lauren, in 1966. I continued teaching Part-time.

We moved to New Windsor, NY, located in Orange County in 1970 - the same year my son Eric was born. We built a big ranch house and enjoyed the 'country life', I had stopped teaching.

in 1976 my husband left and we were divorced, he remarried. I raised the children and worked at various careers - I had my securities license, sold investments, ran a small business, worked as a VISA supervisor at a bank, etc., etc.. I then returned to teaching the GED program at a drug counseling agency in Orange County. There I earned my Masters in Counseling while going to school part-time at Rutgers. I worked at that agency for about 8 years, then for financial reasons, went back to working as a High School Councilor at Warwick Valley School District in 1987. At the same time I took a part-time Adjunct Instructor position teaching the Counseling Skills Program at Dutchess Community College.

By then my children had grown, went off to college; both eventually married and had children of their own. Lauren has 3 children, and Eric has 1 with another due this month.

Meanwhile I entertained myself by joining the Hudson Valley Ski Club, traveling to Europe , Alaska, Asia, add Hawaii, took an Italian language course, etc., etc..

Last June, 2003, I retired after the 16 years in Warwick and at Dutchess and am now enjoying being a "lazy retiree" jaunting around New York City. I moved to Manhattan this February and plan to stay a while.

I am still single. "Hawk" is only my Internet nom-de-plume. New York is a great place for single retirees - or anybody - I think. It is user friendly with transportation at my doorstep, and there is always something wonderful to do. I bought a place in Florida, Popano Beach, on a golf course about 14 years ago. I enjoy golf and the beach, so I am thankful that I have been provided with so many opportunities for a full and rich life. I'll be going to California next week to be ready to welcome grandchild #5 - what a blessing.

Thank you for starting this great connection. Best wishes, Carole.

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