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Rosanne Campbell - "Ro"
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I graduated in 1958 and attended St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York for 2 years.. During the summer of 1960 I met my future husband, Dan Price, from Virginia and we were married on Christmas Day, 1960. We lived in Closter, New Jersey until 1964, when we moved to Annandale, VA, and lived there until 1969. We then moved to Columbia, SC for two years and then to Augusta, GA where we have been ever since. We actually live in North Augusta, which is in SC, but we worked in Augusta, GA (sort of like Tappan and Old Tappan being on the state line). My husband was in the hotel business (he's retired now) and I was a stay-at-home mom with three kids born in '61, '63, and '65. I eventually went back to school and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BS in '77 and then a Masters degree in '83. I taught math in the local high school five years and then at Augusta Technical College, where I was chairperson for the math and science department and taught college math. I retired in 2002 and love every minute of retirement.

My oldest son, Danny, and his family live about 20 miles from me and have 2 sons (8 & 4) so I get to see them often. Currently, Danny is working in Equatorial Guinea, Africa for Atlantic Methanol - he is in Africa for 8-9 wks and then home for 3-4 wks. My daughter, Debbie, and her family live about 10 miles away and they have 2 girls (7 & 3). My youngest son, Don, lives in the San Francisco/Oakland area and has 12-yr-old twin daughters so we go out there for visits whenever we can. We live out in the country and have horses, cows, cats, dogs, a fishing lake, and a pool so the kids love to come here and we love having them around.

Before my parents died, I used to come back to Piermont occasionally for visits but haven't been back for years. My class hasn't had any reunions that I have known about and I haven't kept in touch with any classmates much. I did hear from Carole Curran and Dennis Martin some time back but lost their addresses when my computer crashed and had to buy a new one.

Would love to hear from TZers and catch up on classmates.

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Snail-Mail: 64 Moprior Lane North Augusta, South Carolina 29860

Phone: 803.279.4662