Life After Tappan Zee

Edward (Bing) Beach
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After TZ I attended Bucknell Univ. for two years then quit school. (Stupid). Worked at Lederle as a lab tech till 1962. Went into the Air Force for four years and worked as an aircraft mechanic. Left the AF in 1966, (Stupid). Went back to Lederle, then other labs. Got married in 1968. Started a new job as field service engineer for Beckman Instruments. Good company, good job. Free car, expense account, basically my own boss. Stayed 31 years. (Good move). Marriage ended in about 6 years, no kids, moved to CT. Lived the bachelor life for about 10 years with many trips to a tiny, unheard of Caribbean island, Bequia. Lucky to have survived, but sure was fun. Got remarried to a great lady who sold me a new Bayliner. Stayed with her even after doing that to me. Been through several boats since then, the last a 24' REGAL. Great boat. Retired in 1998, no kids but two step-daughters. The older one is an RN at Vanderbilt which is how we ended up in TN. She lives a mile down the road and has three boys, now teens. They and our big, old, drafty farm house and four acres of grass keep me busy. My real hobby is radio control model boats. Can't afford a real one anymore and besides what they call rivers down here I call creeks.

Well, that's 50 years in a nutshell. Sure would like to go back to the old TZ and do it over again.


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